Ways To Lose Weight

Focus on your ideal weight in 3 years, not 3 weeks. 

Unless you’re trying to lose a few pounds for a special event or trip, then you’re better off focusing on a long term ideal weight and slowly working toward it.

You know better than anyone if your weight goes up and down due to yo-yo dieting.

Make a long term plan to and make positive lifestyle changes that will slowly get you to an ideal weight you can maintain.

Here are some changes you might want to implement.

Drink more water

Try to consciously drink at least 3 full glasses per day (you need more of course, but the act of making sure you get your 3 will make you drink more).  This will help regulate your body water weight as well.

Get more sleep

Your body needs time to reset and restore itself and most of us do not get enough sleep..   The more you sleep, the less you eat, the better you’ll feel and the more productive you will be.   Just give it a try.

Avoid or Reduce these 3 Things

Alcohol, White Sugar and Flour intake (yes, booze, sweets and bread).     Eating and drinking these things make you feel good for a few minutes and feel like crap for hours.   If that’s not enough motivation for you to reduce your intake of them, then add up their monetary cost each year.

Reduce your portions

Invest in more food storage containers and start splitting up your meals.  If you get a lot of takeout, put 30% of of it in a storage container before you take your first bite.   You can reduce your monthly food expenses by and calories by 30% just efficiently portioning your meals.  You’ll feel 30% better too.

What feels better?  Feeling satisfied or feeling stuffed?

Do at least 3 simple exercises per day.

If you’re not regularly exercising, try anything to get started into a routine.   It might be as simple as 20 pushups, 20 sit ups, 20 jumping jacks.   Just get your blood pumping it will lead you to more exercise.

Plan out 3 cheat meals

Make a list of your favorite cheat meals and treats.  Recognize you can only have them so many times per month, on a cheat day or as a reward for an extra hard workout.

Find a group activity you can participate in.

It’s hard to jump into any kind of a group fitness class, but give a few classes a chance and remember that everyone starts somewhere.  It won’t take long until you find yourself craving the social and healthy aspects of being part of a group class.


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