Tried and True Ways to Lose Weight That Aren’t Total Fads

It seems that a new diet promising fast weight loss is introduced every day. Fad diets may provide the desired weight loss in the first days or weeks. However, they are often unsustainable and when a normal diet is resumed, the weight comes back fast and it is often  more than the weight lost.

The healthy and sustainable way to do it

The approach to healthy weight loss is long-term. This approach means changing your lifestyle habits in terms of diet and exercise. This is the way to maintain your ideal weight once you reach it.

Before starting, it is important to understand the triggers and barriers to weight loss. Triggers may be emotional such as eating to feel better about a problem, going along with the crowd when they all go out for beer or pizza  or a feeling of despair and hopelessness when it comes to losing weight.

Then there are barriers. People may have the same sincere intention to lose weight but they may not be willing to put in the work of keeping a food diary, staying away from the cookie jar, reducing portions and working out consistently.

The following are tried and true ways to lose weight that aren’t total fads;

1) Reducing portions

Calorie consumption also depends on gender and lifestyle with men and more active people needing more than women and those who are sedentary most of the day. There are many apps you can download to help you track your calorie consumption with every meal such as

 2) Consistent and effective exercise

You can start slow but ensure you exercise effectively. For instance, to really work your muscles by walking, you have to walk at a brisk pace rather than stroll. Also, take a route that takes you uphill. You can also start by swimming a few laps and completing them rather than stopping halfway. Increasing the distance covered and pace or adding more reps and reducing rest time in between exercise reps also works muscles effectively.

3) Using supplements and substitutes

Consult a nutritionist or GP to ensure you are using safe products in the right way. Substitute some meals with meal replacement shakes or with soups, green juices, and smoothies. You can also use supplements like whey protein powder to help you work out longer or harder.  There are also supplements that can help you to burn fat like chromium. Be sure to consult a health care provider. Do not purchase products promising fast and easy weight loss or faster metabolism which can be harmful.

4) Clean out your gut

Weight may also be gained because of toxins. Procedures like colonoscopy, colon and liver cleansers and going on periodic cleanses by consuming only liquids for a few days every so often can work to release toxins. People have been known to loose a significant amount of weight by cleaning out their gut. Enhancing the gut with probiotics also helps.

Keep it off

Aim to lose slowly and consistently. Fads come and go and your weight loss will also come and go if you rely on them to lose weight. Go for slow but sure, healthy and sustainable methods.

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