Top Tech Gadgets from 2016


Today’s fast-paced life is made possible by technological developments that make it so much easier and faster to get things done. Here is a lowdown of the year’s top tech gadgets as displayed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 6 to 9. This is the exhibition that consumers rely on to define trends with showcases of the best gadgets for the coming year.

1) Moff Band

Made in collaboration Pac-Man, the Moff Band is worn by kids who play Pac-Man by swinging their arms which keeps them moving even as they enjoy an electronic game. The games are enabled by an app.

2) Oombrella

Never again will you be caught in the rain because you forgot your umbrella. This is thanks to the oombrella, a smart umbrella that lets you know if it will rain and reminds you to take it with you. Now that’s an all-weather friend.

3) Pregnancy Pro stick

This invention from First Response is the only test with Bluetooth connection that comes with a number of features in an app to help women monitor their reproductive health. It is very helpful for those trying to conceive or dealing with reproductive health problems.

4) Pocket VR

This gadget from smartphone case company Speck makes it possible to turn your smartphone into a gadget for accessing virtual reality. It comes with a phone case and is giving other virtual reality products like Oculus Rift a run for their money.

5) URB-E and Xcooter

Last year, it was the hooverboard. This year, it is the URB-E and Xcooter that are offering urban commuters faster and practical ways to get around. These latest are compact, sleek and foldable for easy storage.

6) Withings Thermo

Today, it seems it’s all about a connection to Bluetooth or WiFi. That’s what the Withings Thermo has and the ability to take the temperature in two seconds flat and keep track of it via WiFi.

7) IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

Eliminate dark circles, eye bags, and puffiness with the IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager from FOREO. It is small enough to take anywhere and get an eye-opening massage wherever you are.

8) 4Moms infant car seat and the Owlet Baby MHionitor 

Even parenting has gone hi-tech. Monitor your baby by putting them in the 4Moms infant car seat that has an app that ensures correct installation of the seat. Then, track your baby’s vitals via the Owlet Baby MHionitor smart sock.

9) Wellness bracelet and pendant trackers

Embrace beauty with a purpose with Mira’s Vivid Wellness bracelet and pendant trackers that monitor daily activities, offer inspiration to be healthy and unlock the wearer’s data like steps walked, calories consumed, distance covered and heart rate.

10) D-Vine and Family Hub Fridge

Enjoy your wine with D-Vine, a wine decanter that serves up a perfect glass. And, leave the grocery shopping to the Family Hub Fridge with LCD screen from Samsung that will not only keep your food and drink fresh and chilled but also order groceries when they are running low.

11) Lumo Run Shorts and Capris

Lumo Run shorts and capris are also health trackers. The clothes have a  tracker in the lining that gives you a personal coach by collecting the wearer’s data after a run.

12) Petnet SmartFeeder

Keep your beloved pet healthy the high-tech way with Petnet’s SmartFeeder. With this gadget, you can measure out the precise amount of food your pet should have per feeding based on their age, weight, and activity level. It is enabled by an app on the smartphone. There’s also the PetBot that allows your pet to take a selfie that goes to your phone. You can also call them and give them a treat for being so tech-savvy.

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