Six Ways to Keep Dog Hair From Taking Over Your Home


Our furry friends are beloved members of the family but with one major difference: other members of the family don’t shed their hair everywhere. The good news is that there are ways you can get pet hair under control;

1.  Floors

Rather than using the vacuum cleaner, use an electrostatic dust mop to remove pet hair from hard floors. This is to avoid getting the hair back onto the floor which can happen with a vacuum cleaner. Another good alternative is a cleaner with a microfiber cloth on the bottom. It works well because of the electrostatic charge.

2.  Rugs and carpets

Get pet hair off completely by dusting carpets and rugs with baking soda before vacuuming them. It loosens the hair and deodorizes at the same time. Another way to lift pet hair is with a dry rubber squeegee. Rubber brooms are also effective. Pay special attention to corners and edges. If they are dark, you most likely have a build-up of pet hair.

3. Furniture

Remove pet hair from furniture depending on what different items are made of.  For wood, laminate or glass items, a  slightly damp microfiber cloth which has an electrostatic charge is usually enough to sweep off pet hair. For upholstered furniture, you can use a hand vacuum to get hair off. A lint roller also works but is quite time-consuming.

Another way to do it is with a clean, damp, cloth, a rubber squeegee or a dampened rubber glove. Rubbing them along the furniture will loose and remove the hair.

4. Bedding

Dogs and cats like to cozy up on the bed and of course, they leave their hair behind. Minimize pet hair by laying down a washable blanket on the bed if you let them on the bed. Lay one down on pet beds too and clean the blankets often with outdoor airing in between.

5. Clothes

Your pets are constantly on you so they leave their hair on your clothes too. The trick is to pre-treat laundry before washing it. Put a load in the dryer on the heat-free, tumble-only cycle and let it run for at least 10 minutes. This will soft the fabric and loosen per hair so that the hair can come out in the wash. Shake off every item before putting it in the washer. You can go further by adding half a cup of white vinegar to further relax fibers and loosen pet hair so that it comes off easily. Dryer sheets and dryer balls can help reduce static cling which works to break the bond between any hair that is still on the clothes.

6. Grooming the culprit

Keeping your pet well groomed by washing and brushing them will mean much less pet hair to clean up. Use a good quality brush on your pet at least once a week. You’ll have much less hair to clean up around your home. Professional pet groomers also do a really good job. Apart from bathing and brushing your pet, you can also use a pet vacuum. It is made specifically for pets and is available in stores.

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