How To Keep Up With Emerging Online Tools


As a business owner or manager, you know that today’s consumer market and business environment is driven by technology. You also know that you must have strong web presence and keep up with technology as it advances. The challenge is knowing which online tools to keep up with and focus on.

Here are 10 ways to keep up with emerging tools:

1. Keep up with consumers

All technology from iPhones and games to personal cloud storage started in the consumer space before being adopted by enterprises. Keep your eye on the technology that consumers are using.

2. Have a technophile in your corner

So-called geeks and nerds have their pulse on technology  as it emerges. Whether you have an in-house or outsourced IT department, have someone periodically update you on new technology. 

3. Read up on it

Subscribe to blogs and publications that have articles and reports on new technology. Wall Street Journal and are two good sources of information on consumer technology.

4. Get an update

If you have stuck to the same social media channels for some time and you don’t carry out analytics to find out which channels are bringing in results and which are on not, use an expert. Have them conduct an audit on website traffic from social media accounts. Then, update your content to suit the audience or market you are targeting and keep doing analysis periodically.

5. DIY

As you bring in experts to do research and analytics, be willing to get in and do things yourself. There are web tutorials for doing almost anything including analytics and creating content that will get you the response you want.

6. Be a gamer

Be experimental with games. They are very popular with kids and adults alike. Play some to understand computing platforms and see the social networking, connectivity and media distribution options available in a system.

7. Visit a big box store

Even if you are mostly an online shopper, go to retailers like Best Buy sometimes. Get a feel and look at how promoters and marketers work to get consumers interested and borrow what you can from their approach.

8. Walk in consumer shoes

Consumers typically work with a budget. Compare the prices of products and services competing with yours and see how you fare against them. Create marketing and promoting strategies that include incentives and offers that make you the best option in terms of price.

9. Go into the future

There are often reports and teasers about new technology before it is introduced. Pay attention to technology that is in the works and try to align yourself with it. Market yourself as the product of the future.

10. Work the technology circles

As much as your product may not have anything to do with technology, it is important to keep up with companies and organizations who create or keep up with technology. Attend some events and stay informed about new technology.

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