Helpful Life Hacks That Will Make Life Easier


Life hacks are great for getting things done quickly or more easily. Have a look at the ones below to save you time and effort;

  • Keep your clothes, bed linen, and other items smelling fresh for longer by putting a bar or two of unopened soap where you store them.
  • Make hard butter easy to spread by grating it using a grater. Grated butter will soften much faster.
  • Make a beer cold fast by wrapping it in a couple of wet paper towels and putting it in the freezer for just 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Get a freshly made burger at a fast food restaurant by asking for one without seasoning. They’ll have to make a fresh one.
  • Get rid of pimples that appear right before a big event by applying toothpaste on it overnight. It will dry it and will be gone or considerably smaller the next day.
  •  When you don’t have the time to iron, remove wrinkles from a shirt or other item fast by throwing it in the dryer with some ice cubes. Five minutes in there and the wrinkles will be all gone.
  • That foil wrapper on top of wine bottles can be hard to remove. Instead of trying to unwrap it, drill right through it using a cork screw.
  • When you are stuck for a flathead screwdriver, use a plug instead. Basic ones usually fit the medium as well as large screws.
  • If you need to get some nails in but keep hitting your fingers instead of the nails, hold them with a clothespin rather than your fingers.
  • Don’t panic about an ink spill on your tee or shirt. Put a bit of hand sanitizer on the stain and it will dissolve the ink. Then, throw the shirt in the wash and launder as usual.
  • Are you one of those people who are averse to wearing socks especially with casual shoes like loafers? Remove the odor in the shoes by washing and then stuffing them with crumpled newspaper. The newspaper will soak up the dampness and bad odor. However,  while this does do the trick, you should rethink wearing socks.
  • Get a zipper unstuck by rubbing graphite over it. That’s the writing end of a pencil. It will  lubricate it and get it moving.
  • Treat sunburns quickly by placing tea bags directly on them or pressing a washcloth soaked in tea. It will ease the sting and redness.
  • Play it safe in your garage by hanging a tennis ball. When you hit it, that’s where you should stop.
  • To remove the rust marks on the container that holds your shaving cream, turn the cream upside down. That will take care of them.
  • Wondering how to tell if a battery is still good? Put it on a table and let it bounce on it from a height of about six inches. If it bounces once, it’s good. If it bounces more than once, it’s time to bin it.

Try these hacks and get things done faster!


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