Best Ways to Avoid Creepy Clowns This Halloween


Back in South Carolina in the middle of August this year, the creepy clown scare started when a woman reported that her son had seen clowns making odd noises in the woods. Since then, several sightings have been reported.

In Kentucky, a man who dressed up as a clown and hid in the woods was arrested and in Alabama, 911 received a distress call from a woman who had seen a man dressed in a clown at a parking lot in Walmart. In Ohio, schools were closed because of clown sightings and in New York, a clown who was brandishing a knife chased a teen out of the subway. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man reported that he was attacked by a man in a clown costume as he walked his dog.

Avoiding those creepy clowns

Perhaps it is all hysteria and there is no cause for concern. However, Halloween is around the corner and it wouldn’t hurt to err on the side of caution and avoid creepy clowns.

Here are some suggestions on how to do this;

  • Make your kids aware that they need to remain conscious of their safety as they go trick or treating. Don’t scare them but warn them against getting lured into the woods or other isolated places by a clown or anyone for that matter.
  • Don’t let younger kids go out alone. If they are going to a party, drop them off and let them know you will pick them up. Ask them not to leave the party for any reason. If the kids will be within the neighborhood, have an older person accompany them or go with them.
  • Rally the neighborhood watch group to come out on Halloween night. Let them be extra vigilant against creepy clowns and others who may try to lure children with ill motives.
  • Say no to creepy clown costumes in your home and if you can, in your area. Talk to your neighbors about it and encourage them to avoid the costume as well.
  • Don’t pay attention to clowns and forget about other costumes. With all the hype about creepy clowns that is currently going on, those with a real intention to harm kids will go for other costumes, especially those that hide their face completely. Those who come out with clown costumes will most likely just be out to scare rather than hurt anyone.
  • The creepy clown phenomenon has gone nationwide and authorities are certainly more vigilant as Halloween rolls around. While you need to be careful, don’t call the authorities unless there is a real threat. Just a sighting of a clown is not enough. However, if they try to lure a child away from the rest of the group, pull them away or show them a weapon, take immediate action. Raise the alarm and let others around you know what is going on then call the authorities.

Have fun

Be careful but not anxious. Keep a close eye on the kids, accompany them or ensure they have


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