7 Simple Ways To Optimize WordPress


WordPress sites are easy to use and easy to customize, that’s the pull that most people have to using WordPress. It’s not a type of site that you need a developer to keep updated for you or take an extensive class to learn it.

However, when it comes to optimizing your WordPress site you might not know which plugins are best to accomplish what you need.

No worries, we have 7 ways to optimize your WordPress site to reduce spam comments, increase security, improve your load time, and keep the back end cleaned up and up-to-date.

Best of all, they are all FREE and can be done in just a few minutes.

  1. Install the Anti Spam plugin –  It’s free and eliminates virtually all new comment spam immediately after install.
  2. Install Wordfence and set it for auto updates to protect your site..  2.8 Million downloads.. Wow.
  3. Keep your plugins and themes updated and delete your unused themes and plugins. This protects your site against bots that look for old themes/plugins to gain access.
  4. Speed up your site by only loading plugins that are necessary per page or post with Plugin Organizer.  A lot of today’s themes load large files for advanced features that you’ll never use.
  5. Install WP Super Cache to speed up your site, but make sure you “Don’t cache pages for known users. ” in the Advanced tab so you can see your own changes live.
  6. Compress large graphics using a free online tool like TinyPng.com.  They also have a free plugin.
  7. Why not check your load time right now using Pingdom’s free website speed test tool? Then let us know your before and after speed on our Facebook page.


Doing these simple things will ultimately make your site way more secure and easier to use both for you, and your website visitors. So take a little time today to optimize your site, and you won’t have to take a lot of time later to clean it up.

Don’t forget to always create a backup of your site before making any najor changes so you don’t have to scramble to do a restore.  Check out UpdraftPlus for backups. (it’s free)

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