4 Ways to Source Writers For Your Blog

The hardest part of having a business blog is definitely consistently writing. That’s why so many business owners and marketers are benefited by sourcing writers to either completely take over the blog writing or supplement their own writing. Either option is fine depending on the time you have, but where do you even start looking for a writer?

Do you need to reach out to other bloggers online and ask for guest blogs? No, that’s not consistent enough to supplement your blog.

Do you ask your team to help you and write a few blogs a month? No, that’s also not always consistent and can confuse with too many different voices writing for the business.

A really good option is outsourcing the writing. But not outsourcing it to any Joe Shmoe out there, to a qualified writer with actual experience in the industry. There are so many platforms out there to help you source this type of writer it can be almost as overwhelming as keeping up with your editorial calendar!

So let’s look into some options.

1. Upwork

As a freelancer, I’m a huge proponent of Upwork. It’s where I’ve found most of the clients I currently have. There’s an endless supply of pretty much any type of work you need, whether it’s writing a blog or creating a website. The only downside is the inability to really filter writers out. So you can post a job for a writer with a specialty in accounting but you might get proposals from people who don’t have that specialty. So, as it is helpful to find writers it might take a bit more time to filter out the winners.

2. Content Platforms


Content platforms are set up to source writers for blogs and website copy. The two I’ve used are Zerys and Textbroker (and I’m sure many others) which are very similar in how they work. Basically you post a job for a writer and can set a certain price, experience, and specialty. Anyone with that specialty selected can see the job post and apply. This is easier than say, Upwork, where it’s harder to filter. But it also makes it harder to choose! You can contact the writer once they apply and get a sample of their work which is also helpful in the decision making process. Because writers have a set price per work it’s also helpful to gauge the writer’s price per article depending on how long you want them to be. Going this route definitely has more pros than cons.

You can also create an account to write for these platforms if you or anyone you know is interested!


3. Natasha Nixon


Natasha Nixon is a new one I just heard good things about recently but have never actually used it myself. You basically send them the title, keywords, number of words, extra instructions and type of copy you need written. There’s also an option for 24 hour turnaround time which is an extra charge per word. So this is really great if you’re behind on an article for a client or your own business and need something written quickly. The only downside on this one is it’s not the most amazing content on the web and will most likely need a little editing to make it flow with your current business blog. This is an option if you’re going to write blogs yourself but need a few supplemental blogs a month, or if you’re the one writing all the time and just have writer’s block for a week or so.

4. Content Creation Agency

This option is a little higher price than the rest but you do receive high quality content. A content creation agency exists for the sole purpose of creating content, it’s literally all they do. So it’s definitely an option you can trust and is highly recommended if you have the budget to use. The best part of using an agency is they will manage the content creation process from start to finish, so you can forget about missed deadlines, managing contractors, providing constant feedback, etc. It’s a great hands-off option for those that want to focus on other things. I’ve used Contently agency before and was extremely happy with the content and results. 


First and foremost, consider your budget. You don’t want to break the bank just to get some blogs written. If you have the internal team that can manage the blog then try to utilize them because the voice of the blog will always flow better. But finding an outsourced writer with experience in the field and who can write really amazing articles can be easily done if you just spend the time looking down the avenues listed above.

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