12 Best DIY Halloween Costumes with Things You Already Own


The day when being scared and being scary is fun is around the corner. Perhaps you didn’t have time to go shopping for a Halloween costume or you have chosen to make your own this year. Either way, here are some ideas for costumes that you can make with things that you have already.

  1. Be a female Tarzan with a nude-colored bra and brown shorts or short skirt. Add a bandana for effect and go trick or treating with bananas instead of candy. A brown sheet tied over one shoulder and brown sandals will transform your male companion into a male Tarzan or George of the Jungle.
  2. Transform into poison ivy with a pair of red shorts or skirt, a fitting red top or t-shirt for the guys and a string of fake poison ivy wrapped around you, available at stores for less than $5. Finish the look with green paint down your legs.
  3. Make a quick transformation into a 70’s hippie with a fitting patterned skirt, a clashing crop top, headband and boots. Dress your male companion in faded bell-bottomed jeans or pants with a patterned shirt, headband and boots.
  4. Become an instant black swan with a black tutu and black body suit complete with black pantyhose and ballet pumps.
  5. Become Batman’s girl in a Batman shirt, black shorts or skirt and knee-high black socks. Use a black pillowcase or safety pins to attach a cape onto your shirt. You can also go batty with a short black leather dress, black tights and black lace fabric attached to the dress with small safety pins to billow out. Complete the outfit with sheer black pantyhose and black boots.
  6. Go all sweet and be the treat everyone wants with a gumball machine costume made with red shorts or skirt and a top with gum balls stuck on it everywhere. Or, trick instead of treat and do the red shorts or skirt with a fake arts-and crafts balls that look like gumballs.
  7. Be a Victoria’s Secret Angel with a pair of matching bra and panties with a pair of store-bought wings worn over your back. Finish the high-glamor look with perfect makeup and a pair of heels.
  8. If you have the body for it and the guts, be a male Calvin Klein underwear model in a pair of branded underwear. It’s the fastest Halloween costume yet; just strip down to your underwear and you’re done.
  9. Be a sassy snowflake with a strapless white dress and paper snowflake cutouts stuck on your back, arms and shoulders.
  10. Be the country girl or cowgirl at the party with a plaid shirt, denim shorts and red scarf tied over  the front of your shirt. Accessorize with a pair of boots and hat.
  11. Be Kate Perry for the night with a blue wig with a blue ribbon tied over it, short blue shorts and cone-shaped party hats attached over a blue strapless bra. Finish the look with red heels.
  12. You can also be the Material Girl, Madonna for the night with a grey body suit, party hat, black tights with aluminum foil stuck on them in ribbons. Finish with a silver belt, bow in the hair and a pair of heels.

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